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        Abbreviation:SHUANG XING
        Stock code:002585
        Talent concept

        Talents are the most precious resources of enterprises and the basis and prerequisite for sustainable development of enterprises.


        Intellectual and moral integrity, people-oriented

        Adhering to the basic criterion of selecting talents for the company is to have both virtue and talent and to put people first. It's not just academic qualifications that emphasize competence, it's not just diplomas that emphasize level. Employment emphasizes morality, ability and potential. Through the fair competition mechanism, mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the staff, so that they can make the best use of their talents.

        Sense of worth

        Modesty takes on gratitude and altruism

        Seed culture is the core of business power enterprise culture. It guides our words and deeds. Seed culture advocates that employees should understand: humility, responsibility, gratitude and altruism. Be a person with positive knowledge and opinions; dare to take responsibility; know how to share; be grateful; be willing to help others, and achieve yourself by helping others.


        Embracing change and daring to innovate

        Change is the only constant truth. Talent concept does not renew, waiting for our outcome only out. The information age and the Internet + mode of thinking have a strong impact on the traditional business model with the power of shortage. Therefore, we innovate the concept of talents: embrace change, innovate bravely and keep pace with the times.


        Win-win cooperation and sharing of achievements

        The company establishes and perfects a scientific human resource management system, completes all links of talent selection, employment, education, stimulation and retention, and improves employee happiness index, so as to enable people to work happily and live happily in commercial power, exert their maximum potential, realize their ideal aspirations, and realize the transformation of the company's human resource advantage to the advantage of human capital.

        Employee demeanor
        Join us

        Since the establishment of the company, it has gradually formed its own unique corporate culture.

        Sweep code,Resumes
        (Here's the latest recruitment information from Twin Stars.)

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